Walls Quest

Gentleman using the Walls Quest app on Chester Walls

Chester Walls Quest screen showing list of locationsExplore the Walls in a new way!
The Chester Walls Quest app is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch*, iPad* and Android devices.

Walls Quest is a new GPS game-based guide to Chester. If you’ve never visited Chester before you’ll see everything the city has to offer, including the shops, the racecourse, the Cathedral, the castle – and all whilst having fun on the famous Walls. If you already know Chester well then you’ll be able to find out even more about the history of this fascinating city.

For instance did you know:

– Chester was founded in AD 74-5 as a Roman Fortress and originally called Deva?

– That East Gate Clock is the second most photographed in the country after Big Ben?

– That the leading Anglo-Saxon warriors wore more ‘bling’ than most hip-hop stars?

East Gate screenReward screen

Walls Quest challenges you to move around Chester’s City Walls using the GPS Quest map, taking part in challenges to earn points and unlock rewards that you can play long after your visit. You’ll be able to watch a video of Queen Aethelflaed rallying her troops right on the spot where you’re standing, take photos of yourself as a Roman gladiator, and hear directly from some of the characters that make up Chester’s illustrious history.

This is the most enjoyable way to experience Chester’s Walls using your phone. It’s incredibly simple, and yet insanely addictive once you get started – can you complete the circuit and rise to the top of the Walls Quest leaderboard? You’ll come away knowing a whole raft of interesting facts and stories that you can impress your friends with, and all this is completely free.

Good luck with your Walls Quest!

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* Walls Quest is optimised for the iPhone but can be used on other iOS devices. Walls Quest requires the built-in GPS of the phone or tablet device. Devices without a built-in camera won’t be able to complete the photo challenges.

Download the app for free
You can download this free app through the iTunes App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone. Search for ‘Chester Walls Quest’, or use the links below.

Download the Android app on Google PlayAvailable in the App Store


Google Play Link | Apple Link

Supported Android handsets
The Chester Walls Quest app is currently supported for the following handsets: HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S.

Unfortunately, the app may not function or display correctly on other handsets (particularly those with small screens).
 Please keep an eye out for future updates which may address these compatibility issues.

Help and support
Experiencing problems with the app? Please email us with details of the problem and we will do our very best to help. Any technical issues will be addressed in future updates.


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